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About Impilo Yesendle

Impilo yesendle, the Love of Wildlife were established in 2020 after getting involved with nature conservation.


A need was identified to educate and inform the tourists, public and children about the importance of nature. Nature does not exist because of the animals we like to see in our game reserves, no it goes much further than that.


Trees, flowers, birds, reptiles, fish, the oceans, mountains, rivers and even rocks are part of the nature given to us to cherish and protect. 


There are many organizations worldwide who have signed and are committed to conservation in many countries, a number of agreements were signed to protect those who cannot speak for themselves.


We at Impilo yesendle will strive to inform the public through photography, video documentaries and other media about what is important to us.


Regular visits to schools, shopping centers to educate the public will be our duty towards nature.



Why we want to make a difference

Nature is not only a beautiful thing to behold or a restorative retreat for the weary soul, it is the quintessential life provider.


Supplying food that nourishes, water that replenishes and the raw energy that ignites so many aspects of our modern  world.


We want to where there is the greatest need to restore balance, reduce impact and protect our country’s natural biodiversity.


By ensuring the species and communities that are an integral part of them our country we can help restore and reinforce our planet’s natural defenses.